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Agent Provocateur

2017. Dance-theatre performance for blackbox/auditorium space. Duration: 65 minutes.

Agent Provocateur is a dance-theatre performance exploring the effects that a climate of growing intolerance/indoctrination has on the body and its impulses. The body is the site for both – sharing a personal response and for pondering the collective ‘anxious’. Conflict, humour and contradiction provide the turf for resistance and negotiation. 
Choreographed as a series of episodes with two performers and a live musician.

Agent Provocateur continues Shapeshift’s rigorous search for a hybrid visual-physical performance language.

Devised & Performed by: Arpit Singh, Surbhi Dhyani, Harsh Karangale
Stage+Light Design and Choreography: Sujay Saple

Dramaturgy: Vikram Phukan & Rachel D’souza
Original Live Music: Harsh Karangale AKA Bitmap
Assistant Director: Ajay Nair
Production Manager: Shruti Khandelwal, Samrat Chandanshive
Publicity Design: Dhara Mehta



Performed at Serendipity Arts Festival ’18, Goa; Remembering Veenapani Festival’18-Adishakti, Pondicherry; Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai; Rangashankara, Bangalore, Contemporary Dance Season’18- National Centre for the Performing Arts, Mumbai;

Sunday To Sunday Festival '18, Ahmedabad; EARS on Mumbai international conference ’17

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