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2021. Work-In-Progress photographic series and mixed-media installation.

Simulacrum is an in-progress series of miniature fictional performative sites. With the lockdown having suspended almost all access to creating (or viewing) full scale sculptural works or fictions with live performers, Simulacrum uses small household objects and a wooden figurine to propose fictional installation sketches – as sites of possible performative experiences/exchanges – ranging from the personal and tender to the desolate and apocalyptic. The project re-positions choreography as design and body as object, as a way to enable ongoing investigations into material practice through the pandemic.

While the works are certainly not ‘miniature models’ in the cinematic tradition, the series is documented as a photographic collage, making the installation and the photographs co-dependent. It is the particular positioning of the camera, the framing and stylized lighting of the site, and the choreographic intervention of the wooden ‘body’, which transforms the installation and catalyzes its fictional potential.

Installation area 6 feet x 3 feet x 2 feet. Photograph sizes, material and display to be decided.

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