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The Long And Short Of It

2018. Sound and performance installation by Poorna Swami and Marcel Zaes. Durational.
Lighting Installation by Sujay Saple.

Installation includes portable light sculptures comprising of 16 Emergency tubelights 24 x 4 inches each, crushed gateway paper, 9 emergency bulbs.

The Long and Short of It is a sound and performance installation where bodies find, occupy, and are displaced from land, in a sparse landscape of microphones and amplifiers. Audiences are invited to enter, move around, exit, and re-enter whenever they like.

The lighting installation comprises of amorphous luminous sculptural objects arranged in specific positions at floor-level to suggest ‘territories’. Complementing the theme of displacement embedded in the work, the migratory design is integrated into the choreography of the piece with the performers transposing these sculptures at specific intervals and rearranging each of them in a particular logical sequence throughout the durational performance. The installation thus takes on a sentient quality, generating diverse patterns and varying lighting effects at different intervals in the show, always in a state of flux.

[More information on The Long And Short Of It here].

Performed at Serendipity Arts Festival ’19, Goa; Chatterjee & Lal art gallery, Mumbai; G5A, Mumbai; Conflictorium, Ahmedabad; EARS on Mumbai international conference ’18; No.1 Shanthi Road gallery, Bangalore

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