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2014. Dance-theatre performance for blackbox/auditorium space. Duration: 75 minutes.

Moonfool is a devised performance which celebrates the moon and all things lunar.

It explores human cycles of love, longing and loss through ideas connected with the moon – using myths, folk-tales & poems; rituals & practices; astronomical & scientific phenomena; and several other narratives that humankind has created over the ages to grasp the moon.

Sensing the deep connection between menstrual cycles and lunar cycles, the ancients believed that it was the ‘magical moon blood’ which was used to create life, and that we are all, therefore, ‘made of the moon’. In Zen Buddhist philosophy, the ‘Buddha aspect’ of the human being is represented by the moon – perhaps we look up to the night sky to fulfill this upward longing to return to ‘what we are made of’.

Tracing a voyage through eclipses & tides, werewolves & vampirism, lunacy & hypnosis, moon rituals & lunar festivals, Moonfool explores the impossible love story between the human being and the moon.

Devised and Performed by Arpit Singh, Dipna Daryanani, Himanshu Singh, Maithily Bhupatkar

Stage+Light Design and Choreography: Sujay Saple

Assistant Director/Sound Operator: Sujay Nair

Research Assistant: Riya Soni

Publicity Design: Roma Kashelkar

Performed at Centrestage Festival '14-National Centre for the Performing Arts, Mumbai; Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai; Rangashankara, Bangalore; Abhinaya National Theatre Festival '15, Hyderabad; Bharat Nivas, Auroville

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