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The Saviour Of Potsdam

2021. Video for online platforms. Duration: 37 min 54 sec.

Paula Wündrich is the talk of the town. Lately, she's been struggling to hold on to her friends. The love department appears to be equally difficult to navigate. Things aren't looking too good for Paula...that is until she's hailed ‘The Saviour of Potsdam’.

With a playful approach to language and an irreverent tone, this dark comedy exposes a culture of confirmation bias, and the ethics of ordinary people against a backdrop of anti-immigrant racism.

With much of our lives playing out on Zoom since 2020, this video is a playful Zoom experiment created entirely from the safety of each performer’s own home, using only Zoom effects.

Performers: Rency Philip, Diya Naidu, Lekha Naidu, Maitreyee Joshi, Sachin Gurjale, Satchit Puranik, Vivek Madan

Design and Direction: Sujay Saple

Written by Theresia Walser

Translated from the German by Claudia Wilsch Case

Assistant Direction & Video Editing: Anshul Panicker

Commissioned by Goethe Institut-Bangalore and Sandbox Collective for ‘German Spotlight 2021

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