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Sons Of The Soil

2018. Dance-theatre performance for blackbox/auditorium space. Duration: 10 minutes.

SONS OF THE SOIL is a dance-theatre performance which critically considers the male body as a site for patriarchal patterns. It investigates how patterns of power, entitlement, aggression, ambition and insecurity are learnt, consolidated and perpetuated in and by the male body. Since both, the dancers and choreographer are male, the performance is inescapably tainted by its inherent male gaze. However, the work seeks to confront this problem in a self-reflexive manner, by unpacking the dangers and shortcomings of its masculine foundations. Playful and parodic in its tone, the piece attempts a satirical critique of ‘toxic’ masculinity, which is often condoned within the sanctified structure of family-religion-country.

Performers: Jeevak More, Sanket Kadam

Stage+Light Design & Choreography: Sujay Saple

Creative Input: Poorna Swami

Music: Harsh Karangale AKA Bitmap

Production Manager: Samrat Chandanshive

Sons of the Soil won Second Prize at the Prakriti Excellence in Contemporary Dance Awards (PECDA) in 2018

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