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2014-2016. Research project comprising video interviews for online platforms.

ALT+space is a research project chronicling performance practices in alternative spaces across Indian metros - featuring full-length interviews with leading practitioners, organizers and founders of spaces.

The project researches artists and curators who take performance work to alternative venues, and energize newer local spaces for the arts in diverse neighbourhoods.

It also focuses on independent entrepreneurs heading alternative arts spaces, as well as those who run non-performance establishments (restaurants, pubs, etc.) which have opened up to regular performance activities.

Through these interviews across Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi, the project (2014-2016) chronicles the accelerated shift in metros towards accessing non-mainstream spaces, and a growing autonomous performance culture largely independent of institutional, government or corporate support.

ALT+space hopes to spark innovative ideas among practitioners, spaces and audiences across India, to make room for newer alternative voices in the arts….with a vision to diversify (spatially) the scope of performance activity in the future.

[More information on ALT+space here].

ALT+space (photo - Sitara Studio)
photograph: Sitara Studio

ALT+space was made possible by the Junior Fellowship Award - Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India

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